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Design to Code: Using AI to Build Faster

It seems like new artificial intelligence tools are arriving every day, and even if you’re interested in using AI in your work, figuring out where to start may seem like an overwhelming undertaking. In this course, Drew Falkman shows designers the ways that AI can help you to build designs faster, make your designs smarter and better, and even improve your dev handoff. Drew surveys the current tools like Figma, Magician, and Sprout, and details their strengths and weaknesses. He also looks at some full-featured design suites that can help you get to prototypes quickly, like Wondershare Mockitt, Visily, and Uizard. He explains how you can use these tools to go from paper sketch or screenshot to wireframe in seconds, or use a prompt to generate an entire prototype. Finally, he shows you how you can use AI to automate the process of turning your designs into code.

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