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Delivering a Great Virtual Sales Pitch

When you make a sales pitch, you’re telling a story, much like a movie. The plot: What your product or company can do for the customer. The conflict: What your company will do to achieve the desired goal. The resolution: A satisfied customer who lives happily ever after—and who will hopefully be around for a sequel. In this course, movie producer and marketing CEO Maury Rogow shares how to craft a virtual sales call that can make your story as engaging as a great movie, by giving a big-screen treatment to your small-screen pitch. Maury details his EPIC pitch—empathy, pain or problem, integrity and impact, call to action— and shows how to use a Hollywood narrative structure to tell stories that speed your customers to sale. As people get more and more used to seeing movies, shows, and all types of stories from the comfort of home, now is a great time to learn how to deliver a great pitch onto a potential customer’s screen as well.

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