Cybersecurity Careers: Become a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

Chief information security officer (CISO) has ascended to an executive role in most organizations, and all signs point to its continued prevalence in the boardroom. But the path to CISO, a role that calls for both business savvy and an aptitude for cybersecurity, is still largely undefined. In this course, instructor Jerich Beason breaks down what it takes to get hired into this unique and fast-growing position.

Jerich—who has been a CISO for five years and a consultant/advisor to new CISOs for another three—shares his hard-won advice with you. Learn about the common responsibilities and characteristics of a modern CISO, how to advocate for yourself as a strong candidate, and what to focus on in your first 90 days as CISO. Discover best practices for developing a cybersecurity strategy and building relationships. Plus, get tips for making your CEO, board, and other stakeholders feel at ease because you’re at the helm.

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