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Cybersecurity Careers: Become an Identity and Access Management Manager

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is all about understanding who has access to what, when, and why. IAM might not be the first thing that people talk about when referring to cybersecurity, but it’s hugely important as the first thing hackers look to compromise is your identity. In this new course, Andrew Chanthaphone introduces you to the job role of Identity and Access Management Manager. Learn about the basics of IAM, such as different methods to authenticate a user, different authorization models, the user lifecycle, and the importance of certifying user access. Then move on to the role that the IAM Manager plays on the larger team, including how your decisions impact others in the organization, how you can mentor junior analysts, and how you can manage senior analysts and engineers. Explore specific skills and job functions of an IAM Manager, as well as how to land your first IAM Manager job.

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