Creating Community within Your Employee Resource Group

Employee resource groups—more commonly known as ERGs—have become an integral part of how organizations address employees’ needs and drive long-term impact to promote DEI. While there’s great potential for ERGs to provide meaningful opportunities for connection in the workplace, it all depends on how each unique ERG defines itself, implements its mutual goals and values, and builds a living and breathing community in the world.

Join instructor Farzana Nayani to develop a richer understanding of what it takes to create—and sustain—vibrant and inclusive ERG communities at work. Explore the organizational foundations of ERGs, how they function, how they engage and support people, and what you need to do if you want to create one and make a lasting impact on people’s lives, building a sense of trust and celebrating as you grow. Get ready to boost your own level of engagement and start collaborating, partnering with your colleagues in a mutually supportive, inclusive space.

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