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Creating a Skills-Based Organization

If you’ve ever had to create a job posting, you probably know the drill: come up with a job title, requisite experience, and educational requirements. While this may result in a slew of candidates who meet these prerequisites, how many quality candidates are not applying because they assume they won’t be considered? Or worse, are you ignoring candidates who don’t check off those boxes? As the modern workforce continues to change, there’s the growing recognition that building an organization based solely on college degrees, work experience, and previous job titles no longer meet the needs of a shifting global workforce. Instead of beginning the hiring process by scanning resumes, a skills-based organization begins by evaluating a candidate’s relevant skills before doing anything else.
In this course, learn how to build a skills-based organization to increase your talent pool and reap benefits like employee upskilling, higher retention, career pathing, and the support of DEI initiatives.

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