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Creating a Mood Board

As a designer, have you ever experienced a scenario where you met with a client, agreed on the direction of a project, enthusiastically got to work, showed the client your progress, only to realize you were not on the same page at all? How can you avoid situations where your vision and your client’s expectations are not in sync? With a mood board. In this course, Tina Huffman teaches designers about mood boards—what they are, why they are key to a successful project, and how to use them to build a client’s brand. She starts with the basic components of a mood board like colors, imagery, and fonts, then delves into sources of inspiration. Tina also covers different creation tools and platforms for mood boards, like Pinterest, Canva, and Adobe Spark, and includes a challenge exercise to create a mood board based on specifications from a hypothetical client. Finally, she shows how to repurpose your mood board for use on social media to showcase your design work and grow your business.

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