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Covering for an Employee on Leave in a Hybrid/Remote Workplace

There are a host of different life events that can necessitate employees hitting the pause button at work. When the work still needs to get done, what are the best options to effectively cover for an absent employee without burning out yourself or your team? In this course, career development expert Chris Taylor lays out a simple approach that can significantly reduce the stress of leave coverage. Chris shows you how to create a unique and comprehensive plan based on the scope of the work to be covered and the time frame for which coverage is needed. He will also explain the best ways to strategize, prioritize, and then delegate after hiring a temporary worker or solidifying coverage from one or several others. Watch as he shares key tips and tools to help keep things on track throughout an employee absence, including best practices for successful communication, how to encourage an organized and productive work environment, and steps to take to ensure a smooth handoff of work after a leave ends.

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