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Composite Design and Manufacturing 02: Product Development and Simulation

Composite materials are now found in everything from automobile interiors to cell phone cases to sporting equipment. It is critical for product designers to be able to incorporate composite materials into their design. In this three-part series, carbon fiber product designer and fabricator Aram Goganian presents an essential guide to building a composite-based consumer product—in this case a carbon-fiber balance bike. The second course focuses on composite design configuration and simulation, showcasing a single-sided mold with wash-out tooling, a closed mold with a thermoplastic epoxy, and pre-preg materials. By showing the design process in action, Aram provides guidance for part fabrication and final product validation. Discover how to build your model, validate your design concept and make updates to the design, and finalize the design, complete with a fully visualized surface finish. Plus, learn how to create detailed analysis or manufacturing.

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