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Coaching New Hires

Welcoming a new team member can involve excitement and nerves—on both sides. This course helps managers find ways to help new team members acclimate to their new responsibilities, workplace, culture, technology, and more. Learn how to align their new role with existing strengths and vision for success. Explore how to map their first 90 days and the next year of growth and impact. Discover how to guide your employee in finding the right new skills, people, and projects to aid their learning. Learn about small, calculated risks and stretch projects that your new hire can take on. Find out how to start your new team member on safe-to-try projects where they can build confidence while making an immediate impact. Get tips on how to establish a cadence for quarterly check-ins and informal conversations with your team members. In conclusion, find out how to adopt three new strategies for empowering and connecting with your team members.

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