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Charles Adler: A Story of Kickstarting an Idea

Charles Adler is an incredible mash-up of experiences and interests. He’s an East Coast kid who grew up digging street art, skateboarding, break dancing, and all the forms of music that aligned with those interests: punk, hip-hop, and electronic. He was also an Eagle Scout, and he harbors an appreciation for the great outdoors to this day. Add his curiosity about technology and his skill as a designer, and you have the story of a college dropout who became a founder of one of the world’s largest and most successful crowdfunding platforms—Kickstarter. In this audio-only course, Charles discusses how he and his partners came up with the idea for Kickstarter and how the company was developed in its early stages. He also details some of the most notable aha moments he experienced during the evolution of Kickstarter. Tune in to gain insights into how this highly successful entrepreneur continues to explore the juncture of creativity, community, and technology.

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