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Cert Prep: SOLIDWORKS Sheet Metal

Demonstrate to employers that you understand the set of SOLIDWORKS tools that aid in the design of sheet metal components by completing the Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional Advanced Sheet Metal (CSWPA-SM) exam. CSWPA-SM certification shows proof of your expertise, and indicates that you have the kind of cutting-edge skills that businesses seek out and reward.

In this course, Gabriel Corbett prepares you to take the CSWPA-SM exam. Gabriel begins by covering the exam requirements and sharing testing techniques. He then dives into specific, relevant concepts that will refresh your knowledge and prepare you to pass the test, including how to work with edge flanges, miter flanges, hems, jogs, flat patterns, bend tables, and custom properties. He also shows how to build several of the parts from the sample exam, and takes you through building, modifying, and verifying a model.

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