Building a Small Business Website with

Are you in need of a custom website and considering as a possible solution? In this project-based course, instructor Carrie Dils guides you through the complete lifecycle of starting, building, and launching a brochure website with Carrie shows you how to establish your site goals and needs and identify site requirements. She explains how to make a basic content inventory and offers tips for writing effective copy, as well as sourcing and working with images. She presents an overview of full site editing (FSE), then walks you through several ways to configure your site’s appearance. Free plugins are available for further customization, and Carrie uses the Jetpack plugin to demonstrate some of the functionality you can achieve. She covers adding key content, then dives into more advanced topics like showing up in search engines and the cost of ownership. Plus, Carrie discusses what you need to do to go live with your site and maintain it after launch.

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