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Building a Journey Map: A Hands-On Workshop

What happens when a customer journey is not straightforward and linear? How do you represent a customer’s journey for a product that’s not a product at all, but a series of products, services, or interactions with your brand? Join UX expert Sarah Weise for a hands-on workshop in how to plot a journey from research insights to actually getting it down on paper. Sarah explains the benefits and building blocks of journey mapping, then dives into the techniques you need to get the right data. She shares tips to glean insights from your data, such as thematic analysis coding, cluster analysis, prioritization techniques, and more. Sarah highlights how you can ideate opportunities, consider the journey for different audiences, and add information about internal tools and processes in order to make value-driven decisions. Plus, she offers a final tip to start thinking about journey maps as living documents, built to be iterated on.

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