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Bring Your Human to Work (getAbstract Summary)

It’s time to bring humanity back to work. A values-based corporate culture that attends to the human needs of its employees gives your firm an advantage in today’s world where good people are hard to keep. Erica Keswin wrote Bring Your Human to Work so that companies that invest in strong values can start designing workplaces that make more sense. This audio-only summary from getAbstract condenses her 10 surefire ideas into a 10-minute lesson you can listen to anywhere. Use these tips to create a comfortable work environment with flexible schedules, work-life balance, and inspiring leaders. Even big firms can incorporate her strategies, as many have done for decades. Keswin demonstrates how treating their employees well leads to higher retention rates and a stronger bottom line.

This audiobook summary was created by getAbstract, the world’s largest provider of business book summaries. We are pleased to offer this training in our library.

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