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Branding Your Authentic Self

In this audio-only course, host Zach Nunn speaks with Danisha Lomax, VP and National Paid Social Lead at Digitas NA, to discuss how individuals can brand themselves more effectively and authentically to attract Black and brown talent. Danisha goes over finding first-to-market opportunities, negotiating favorable rates, and having conversations with a multicultural audience. She and Zach cover leaning into social media advertising and becoming your own first PR agent. They dive into the future landscape of branding and the value of authentic messaging, then conclude with making minorities heard in digital marketing and using your appearance to be creative and show your authentic side.

Zach Nunn is part of Living Corporate, a multimedia diversity, equity, and inclusion platform that centers and amplifies black and brown professionals in the workplace through narrative storytelling.

Note: This course was created by Living Corporate. We are pleased to host this training in our library.

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