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How to Become a Project Management Entrepreneur

Do you dream about going out on your own in the project management world and being your own boss? In this course, Seyi Kukoyi, PMP, a project management entrepreneur and educator with 10+ years of experience, shares knowledge from his personal experience, with contributions from collaborator Bonnie Biafore, PMP, a best-selling author with 25+ years of experience in project management and training. Project management can be applied to projects within any industry, so when you’re starting as a project management entrepreneur, it can be helpful to specialize in some way. Seyi identifies ways you can gain experience and certifications when you’re starting out. He focuses on how to build and maintain your network and how to promote your services and availability. Seyi shows you how to keep a satisfied client base and how to delegate work to others. In conclusion, he discusses choices that will help you maintain or regain momentum in your entrepreneurial career.

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