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Be the Manager Who Fights for Their Team

People remember the manager who fights for them, the leader at work who shines a light on the team. But most employees don’t feel that kind of connection, be it to management or their job or company in general. In this course, HR expert Laurie Ruettimann shows you how to become the type of manager you’ve always wanted to be.

Learn how to fight for your team, recognize their success, secure resources, and clear a path for innovation. Develop talent by prioritizing well-being and providing opportunities for employees to grow. Explore what it takes to be a next-level leader, even during challenging times, promoting inclusion, staying connected and supportive, and showing your gratitude on a day-to-day basis. The new remote and hybrid world of work calls for a new approach to management. Join Laurie to help everyone on your team feel safe, valued, and praised.

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