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Be an Inclusive Organization People Won’t Leave

In recent years, organizations have faced an unprecedented amount of talent loss. While there are numerous external forces that may cause employees to leave a company—opportunities for advancement, more flexible schedules, better pay—you also need to look at the possibility that biased practices in your organization are pushing employees to leave. In this course, Jodi-Ann Burey shows how an approach rooted in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) best practices can help your company leverage inclusion practices to get at the business of truly caring for employees, provide an equitable workplace for all, and retain your valuable workforce. She shows you ways to think more systematically about why people quit, not just any organization, but your organization specifically. As Jodi-Ann explains, a revolving door of talent is costly, not just in time and money, but in credibility, as it makes it difficult to maintain commitments to retain a diverse workforce.

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