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Artificial Intelligence: How Project Managers Can Leverage AI

Learn practical ways to use AI in your projects. Instructor Oliver Yarbrough covers ways to adapt to AI and stay relevant, use AI to derive value from data, see AI in action on projects, recognize AI trends in project management, and discover how to interact with AI stakeholders. Oliver introduces how to collect and curate the data that your AI needs, then explains how you can leverage AI in project management. It’s important to complement AI capabilities with your human strengths. Oliver shows you how to interact with digital stakeholders and why facilitative leadership works better in AI-driven environments. He steps you through how to leverage AI to pull the most important information from curated data. By giving AI the right data, you can get better guidance and improve your decisions. Oliver covers how to leverage AI to track your project’s progress and to improve agile project management. In conclusion, Oliver discusses emerging trends and how to stay informed on advances in AI.

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