Operations, Supply Chain & Business Analytics

Analyzing Big Data with Hive

Businesses thrive by making informed decisions that target the needs of their customers and users. To make such strategic decisions, they rely on data. Hive is a tool of choice for many data scientists because it allows them to work with SQL, a familiar syntax, to derive insights from Hadoop, reflecting the information that businesses seek to plan effectively.

This course shows how to use Hive to process data. Instructor Ben Sullins starts by showing you how to structure and optimize your data. Next, he explains how to get Hue, the Hadoop user interface, to leverage HiveQL when analyzing data. Using the newly configured option, he then demonstrates how to load data, create aggregate tables for fast query access, and run advanced analytics. He also takes you through managing tables and putting functions to use. This course is designed to help you find new ways to work with datasets so you can answer the tough data science questions that come your way.

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