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AI Engineering Essentials: Navigating the Tech Revolution

As the tech industry continues to adapt to the ever-evolving world of AI, engineers and developers are faced with understanding how AI can transform their work and their role for the better. In this course, explore the how and the why of this change to get a richer idea of what you need to know as an AI engineer to make sure you’re not left behind.

Find out what it takes to become successful as both an engineer and a leader who’s embarking on your own AI journey. Join award-winning designer and engineer John Maeda as he provides an overview of the core concepts and technical know-how required by AI engineering, with practical, hands-on coding exercises to test out your new skills along the way. Recorded live with real props on a kitchen set, this course helps you to boost your confidence navigating the complexities of AI as John relates it to basic everyday cooking.

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