Professional Edge

AI and Developer Productivity

If you’re looking for new ways to leverage AI as a software developer, this course was designed for you. Get an essential overview of how you can start using AI to improve your development productivity, creativity, and professional problem-solving skills. Join instructor Temidayo Adefioye as he shows you how to successfully integrate tools like Microsoft Copilot and ChatGPT into your workflow, while also appreciating the value of AI as a supplement rather than a mere replacement for your own personal process.

Learn how to upskill and become an AI-powered developer to remain competitive and innovative in the industry. This course covers the following concepts and provides hands-on examples and demos along the way: the role of AI in development, how to effectively use prompts, code optimization, automated testing and quality assurance, intelligent debugging and issue resolution strategies, collaborative development for remote teams, documentation techniques, interview preparation, and more.

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