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After a Layoff: How to Cope at Work When Coworkers Lose Their Jobs

Layoffs are difficult for everyone—even those still employed after a round of layoffs. Even if you were retained, after an initial feeling of relief, you might start to feel confused, sad, and apprehensive about the future—which are all totally normal feelings to be experiencing. The key is in how to process and move forward. In this course, Deborah Riegel helps you navigate the range of emotionally challenging situations at work after a layoff. Deborah teaches you how to be more empathetic and proactive with yourself and others. She shares her user-friendly framework of how to move forward post-layoff—from the perspective of both individuals and teams—and stresses the importance of focusing on what’s working rather than on what’s broken. Layoff can lead to an environment of confusion and uncertainty. Learn to identify what you can control, and what steps you can take to keep your career on track.

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