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Advanced Agile: The Team’s Mindset

Companies looking to embrace an agile mindset must make several key organizational changes. While guides like The Agile Manifesto or The Scrum Guide provide high-level summaries of the concepts, they weren’t designed to give you the in-depth knowledge you need to lead a widespread organizational change. To do that you have to see the history and reasoning behind key agile ideas. In this course, Doug Rose delves into the history of agile thinking, and shows how you can be a leading voice for embracing a more agile mindset in your organization. Doug uses the Simple Lean-Agile Mindmap (SLAM) as a guide for all the ideas that go into team agility, and shows how scrum, kanban, and extreme programming all work to help your team drive your overall organizational agility. Whether you’re an agile coach, manager, team member, executive, or product or project manager, this course can help get you and your company into a more agile mindset.

This course was created for LinkedIn Learning by Doug Rose. We are pleased to offer this training in our library.

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