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Additive Manufacturing: Materials for 3D Printing

If you design products for 3D printing or operate a 3D printing service bureau, you know that functional 3D printed parts have different mechanical properties depending on the technology used to create them. In this course, experts Rich Cameron and Joan Horvath teach you how to evaluate the available materials. Learn how to define basic material requirements, so you can know what will work best with your project. Explore available materials for 3D printing. Go over sustainability and emerging standards, then dive into considerations for extrusion-based printers, such as filament material and extrusion printing materials like metal, composites, glass, ceramics, and even food! Discover the types of resin you can use with your resin printer and how to maximize your production capacity using resin, then go into laser sintering, binder jetting, and the possibility of bioprinting materials for medical and research applications.

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