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Activating Culture to Produce Results and Connection in the New Remote Work Environment

When people hear “work culture,” they often think of the physical aspects of being in an office—chats around the lunchroom, ping pong tables, happy hours. But in a more meaningful and impactful sense, culture is defined by experiences shaping beliefs that drive action and results. In this course, organizational culture expert Jessica Kriegel
shows you how to translate culture from an intangible concept to a measurable process, and details a set of simple steps necessary to transform any culture. She shares her “results pyramid” framework that walks leaders through how they can create experiences that drive behaviors that drive results. Jessica also explains how each of these experiences can either make or break the highly sought connection between humans in the organization.

Your workplace has a culture–whether you created it intentionally or not. Join Jessica in this course to arm yourself with the tools you need to build an intentional culture, one that drives results.

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