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11 Inactions that Ruin a Leader’s Reputation

As a leader, it’s hard enough to figure out the right actions to take at the right times. So how are you supposed to know when you’re not taking action on something you should be, something that employees, peers, and bosses will be disappointed you haven’t acted on? The stakes are high: you don’t want to be judged, or defined, by the things you didn’t do as a leader. In this course, learn how to avoid the most critical failures to act that you can fall victim to—inactions that hurt performance and productivity, demotivate people, and create a toxic culture. Get specific insights and tools to help you turn those inactions into the right action, done right. If you’re looking to be a better leader with a stronger reputation, one that gets high grades for self-awareness, situational-awareness, and emotional intelligence, check out this course.

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