Recruiting Guidelines

Important Dates and Policies

Before you get started, please take a moment to review our employer user policy – it’s a great resource to help you successfully recruit at the University of Oregon.

The University of Oregon is on a quarter system, click here to review the academic calendar with key dates for the school year. We offer a variety of opportunities to connect with students on-campus in the Lillis Business Complex.

Check out our Lundquist College of Business Calendar with upcoming events and opportunities to connect with our students.

We prohibit certain offer terms and actions from employers. Unacceptable offer terms include: exploding offers (defined as providing unreasonably short deadlines for a decision), requiring students to respond to verbal (not written) offers, changes to offer terms, delays in employment start dates, or the rescission of an offer. Such terms and actions can lead to premature decisions that are not always in the best interest of the employer or the student and do great harm to an organization’s credibility at the U of O and impact future recruiting. The Mohr Career Services team abides by the National Association of Colleges & Employers [NACE] Professional Standards for University Relations & Recruiting.

Hiring International Students

Visa Resources

Please follow these links to learn more about the post-graduation employment visa types that employers can pursue to hire international students. The CDC team is available to answer any questions you may have about visa types and student eligibility.

Create an internship:

Do you currently hire interns at your organization and are looking for ways to level up your program? Or are you interested in starting an internship program from scratch? Check out our updated Guide to Internships.


  • While many students went to do summer internships, these opportunities can take place at any time of the year.
  • Try to post your internship 3-6 months ahead of when you want an intern to start.
  • In some disciplines, summer intern recruitment often happens in autumn; these include tech, engineering, accounting, finance, and consulting.

Before you decide to host an intern, you should understand how interns will fit within your company’s overall structure and culture. Organizations vary in many ways, you’ll want to customize your internship roles to make the most of the student’s experience.

Some questions that may help you decide include:

  • How will your internship benefit the student(s) that you are recruiting?
  • What is the benefit that your organization can expect from an internship program?
  • What is the scope of the work you’d like to accomplish?
  • What kind of Major or Minor would benefit from the experience?
  • What do you need to do to prepare for the intern – office space? Computer? Tools of the trade?
  • Are the tasks appropriate for a student?
  • What skill sets and qualifications would help a student succeed in the role?
  • Are you seeking a self-starter? Do you need an intern who brings skills that your organization doesn’t currently have? Who will give feedback and assign the work of the organization to the student?


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