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Invest in Your Future and Emerge as a Leader in the Modern Workplace

Welcome to Professional Edge, a skills-development program for University of Oregon students looking to stand out in the modern job market.

Our industry-informed short courses are designed to provide you with targeted, practical skills to improve job prospects and career advancement opportunities. Led by instructors who are knowledgeable about the latest trends in their fields, you’ll develop tools, stories, and portfolio projects through these interactive and engaging courses.

From foundational courses in communication to advanced topics like digital transformation and data analytics, Professional Edge has something for everyone, with these University of Oregon-backed credentials, you can show potential employers that you have mastered highly sought-after skills.

Best of all, Professional Edge programs are largely free and conveniently offered throughout the year, so it’s easier than ever to cultivate a habit of continual learning – a skillset that we guarantee you’ll use throughout your career!

News & Advice

Latinx students – Join in the 4/29(Sat) Career Connection Day

Join us on April 29 for a free, in-person Career Connection Day at the University of Oregon, offered through the Hispanic Career Pathways Initiative.

Career Connection Days are half-day programs where students learn about the core concepts of resume building, …

By Claire Wu (She/Her)
Claire Wu (She/Her) Associate Director, Career Strategy
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What Is SQL & How Does It Work? A Guide to Structured Query Language

SQL or Structured Query Language is a critical tool for data professionals. It is undoubtedly the most important language for getting a job in the field of data analysis or data sciences.

Millions of data points are being generated every …

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Springboard Tutorial: How to Become a Data Visualization Pro in Tableau

As a data analyst, your job is to help stakeholders derive meaningful insights from data.

Although many data analysts use math, statistics, and probability on a daily basis, data analysis is actually both an art and a science. By carefully …

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LinkedIn Learning

Influencing Others

Taught by John Ullmen
Ever had trouble persuading someone to do something, even if it was in their best interest? Sometimes people don’t budge,…

Effective Listening

Taught by Brenda Bailey-Hughes
Listening is a critical competency, whether you are interviewing for your first job or leading a Fortune 500 company. Surprisingly,…

Creating Interactive Presentations with Shiny and R

Taught by Charlie Joey Hadley
Analyzing big data is great, but not if you can’t share your results. In this course, Charlie Hadley shows how…

Data Science Foundations: Data Mining

Taught by Barton Poulson
All data science begins with good data. Data mining is a framework for collecting, searching, and filtering raw data in…

Programming Foundations: Real-World Examples

Taught by Barron Stone
Understanding core programming concepts and why they are used is just as important as knowing how to write code. New…

Charlene Li on Digital Leadership

Taught by Charlene Li
Today’s most influential leaders have an online presence. But how do you lead “digitally” and engage followers in such a…

Advanced Visio: Working with Data

Taught by Scott Helmers
Build beautiful and effective visualizations driven by external data with Microsoft Visio 2016. Visio MVP Scott Helmers offers advanced techniques…

SharePoint: Mobilizing Workflows with PowerApps

Taught by Gini von Courter
Access your existing SharePoint applications wherever you go by creating a PowerApp. In this course, Gini von Courter explains how…

Healthcare Analytics: Regression in R

Taught by Monika Wahi
Linear and logistic regression models can be created using R, the open-source statistical computing software. In this course, biotech expert…

Twelve Myths About Data Science

Taught by Ben Sullins
In this course, Ben Sullins debunks 12 common misconceptions within the field of data science. Busy engineers, data miners, programmers,…

Data Analytics for Pricing Analysts in Excel

Taught by Michael McDonald
Discover how to make smarter product pricing decisions that maximize your organization’s profits. In this course, instructor Michael McDonald goes…

Picking the Right Chart for Your Data

Taught by Bill Shander
View Bill’s LinkedIn Newsletter When selecting charts to showcase data, many people simply pick from the few choices available in…

Learning to Be Approachable

Taught by Dorie Clark
View Dorie’s LinkedIn Newsletter No one wants to go through life misunderstood. If you are worried you have a reputation…

Functional Programming with Streams in Java 9

Taught by Marco Faella
Functional programming is an alternative to object-oriented programming that is centered around pure functions. Functional applications avoid the shared state,…

Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) Cert Prep: Domains 5–7

Taught by Jungwoo Ryoo
Want to accelerate your career in data science and analytics? Consider earning the Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) credential. This premier…

Excel Business Intelligence: Power Pivot and DAX

Taught by Chris Dutton
Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) allow Microsoft Excel users to create powerful calculated fields in Power Pivot. In this course—the third…

Business Analytics: Forecasting with Seasonal Baseline Smoothing

Taught by Conrad Carlberg
Seasonal exponential smoothing is an extension of simple exponential smoothing (SES). Seasonal smoothing is often used when a baseline shows…

Ken Blanchard on Servant Leadership

Taught by Ken Blanchard
Self-serving leaders can be both destructive and highly ineffective. By making leadership all about them, they create a negative working…

Developing Adaptability as a Manager

Taught by Dorie Clark
View Dorie’s LinkedIn Newsletter The business world is changing faster than ever, with digital transformation and disruption everywhere. Being adaptable…

Bad Boss: Dealing with a Difficult Manager

Taught by Chris Croft
View Chris’s LinkedIn Newsletter Bad bosses are everywhere. In every industry, at every level. Dealing with a difficult manager is…

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