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Invest in Your Future and Emerge as a Leader in the Modern Workplace

Welcome to Professional Edge, a skills-development program for University of Oregon students looking to stand out in the modern job market.

Our industry-informed short courses are designed to provide you with targeted, practical skills to improve job prospects and career advancement opportunities. Led by instructors who are knowledgeable about the latest trends in their fields, you’ll develop tools, stories, and portfolio projects through these interactive and engaging courses.

From foundational courses in communication to advanced topics like digital transformation and data analytics, Professional Edge has something for everyone, with these University of Oregon-backed credentials, you can show potential employers that you have mastered highly sought-after skills.

Best of all, Professional Edge programs are largely free and conveniently offered throughout the year, so it’s easier than ever to cultivate a habit of continual learning – a skillset that we guarantee you’ll use throughout your career!

News & Advice

Happy New Year & Welcome to Winter 2024

Mohr Career Services would like to welcome you to Winter 2024 at the Lundquist College of Business! As you prepare for a great quarter of study, work, and play, we have some “don’t miss” events coming up – make sure you …

By Josh Pritchett
Josh Pritchett Client Services Manager
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Student Success Roadmap

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Gain a Professional Edge

If you are interested in building career skills quickly, check out Professional Edge!

As a student, I’ve noticed that the Lundquist College of Business is home to so many clubs, resources, and events that it can be difficult to keep …

By Avery
Avery Career Peer Educator
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Latinx students – Join in the 4/29(Sat) Career Connection Day

Join us on April 29 for a free, in-person Career Connection Day at the University of Oregon, offered through the Hispanic Career Pathways Initiative.

Career Connection Days are half-day programs where students learn about the core concepts of resume building, …

By Claire Wu (She/Her)
Claire Wu (She/Her) Associate Director, Career Strategy
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Springboard Tutorial: How to Become a Data Visualization Pro in Tableau

As a data analyst, your job is to help stakeholders derive meaningful insights from data.

Although many data analysts use math, statistics, and probability on a daily basis, data analysis is actually both an art and a science. By carefully …

By Springboard
Bridging the world's skills gap through affordable, high-quality, online education.
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Career Resources

LinkedIn Learning

Learning Power Automate Desktop for Developers

Taught by Anders Jensen
Do you need to transition your development to Power Automate Desktop? In this course, RPA teacher and Power Automate specialist…

What Is Change Management?

Taught by Claudine Peet
Teams won’t buy into a change unless they understand why it’s necessary. And without buy-in from stakeholders, changes don’t last.…

Teamwork Foundations (with Audio Descriptions)

Taught by Chris Croft
View Chris’s LinkedIn Newsletter Whatever job you do, it’s likely you work in a team. Your performance will depend on…

Shaping Workplace Culture as a Manager

Taught by Bonnie Hagemann
Whether you’re a middle manager contributing to strategic objectives or a front-line supervisor working to fully engage your team, shaping…

Negotiate Like a Lawyer

Taught by Dana Robinson
Ever wondered about that special, lawyerly skill? The art of negotiation could be your new favorite tool. In this course,…

Strategic Thinking Tips to Solve Problems and Innovate

Taught by AJ Eckstein
Do you struggle when it comes to problem solving? Would you like to think more strategically? In this course, strategy…

Help Your Team Prioritize What Matters Most

Taught by Lisa Bodell
Organizations often add complexity for employees, which can lead to frustration and decreased productivity. In this course, Lisa Bodell equips…

CEO Excellence: The Six Mindsets of Exceptional Leaders (Book Bite)

Taught by Next Big Idea Club
Not all successful leaders work alike, but many share the same skills and qualities. In the 2022 book CEO Excellence:…

Introduction to Google Slides

Taught by Google Cloud
If you give presentations on a regular basis, you need to be able to create, organize, and share your slides…

Influence Skills for Leaders and Managers

Taught by Melody Wilding
Influence is the art and science of positively impacting people’s beliefs and actions to produce results. To influence others, you…

Cert Prep: Power Platform Functional Consultant Associate (PL-200)

Taught by Rishona Elijah
This course is designed to provide candidates with the skills and know-how required to obtain the Microsoft Power Platform Functional…

Design Thinking for UX Design Managers

Taught by Nevien Magdy
If you’re responsible for designing solutions to complex problems, design thinking has a lot to offer, particularly if you manage…

PowerPoint: Designing Better Slides

Taught by Heather Ackmann
If you’ve ever seen a PowerPoint presentation, you’ve probably seen a bad PowerPoint presentation. The phrase “death by PowerPoint” exists…

Excel Statistics Essential Training: 2

Taught by Eddie Davila
Data isn’t valuable until you figure out what the data actually mean. Statistics transforms data into meaningful information, enabling organizations…

Thought Leadership Business Models

Taught by Thought Leadership Leverage
What’s the secret to creating successful content as an emerging thought leader? In this course from Thought Leadership Leverage, Peter…

Generative AI Approaches to Business Challenges

Taught by Madecraft
More and more businesses are turning to generative AI to solve common challenges. In this course, generative AI product manager…

Nano Tips for Avoiding Leadership Missteps With Ashley Herd

Taught by Ashley Herd
Welcome to our Nano Tips series, where LinkedIn Learning creators deliver impactful lessons in literally seconds. In this course, management…

Effective Collaboration Across Teams

Taught by Ron Carucci
Welcome to the new world of collaborating from anywhere with anyone. Are you ready to build relationships across teams? Join…

AI and Data Science for SQL Developers: From Beginner to Advanced

Taught by Walter Shields
You may need to use SQL in coordination with AI and data science, but if you don’t already know how,…

AI and the Future of Work: Workflows and Modern Tools for Tech Leaders

Taught by Kristen Kehrer
“Putting machine learning into production” has a very different definition in 2023 than it did in 2013. The scope of…

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