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Want to Be Career Ready? Try Things Out!

There are MANY ways to build skills and experience outside of the classroom

Whether through Lundquist Career Fundamentals in your classes or during a Career Advising appointment, you may have heard us say “Try stuff” as you think about your …

By Pauline Thaler (she/her)
Pauline Thaler (she/her) Career Advisor
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Breathe… You Don’t Have to Have It All Figured Out

You might feel like everyone around you has it all figured out – the perfect major, the dream internship, they know exactly what career they want after they graduate… Spoiler alert: they don’t. No one has it all figured out. And …

By Gene Rhee
Gene Rhee Executive Director
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Deep-Dive: Starbucks Coffee Company

There’s a food and beverage company founded in the Northwest that you might have heard of – Starbucks Coffee Company. With nearly 400,000 employees worldwide and an annual revenue of $36 billion dollars, it would be hard to miss them!

During …

By Keith Dussell
Keith Dussell Associate Director, Industry Engagement
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Following Up is Crucial to Building Professional Connections

Next Steps: Following Up After Networking Events or Informational Interviews

At Mohr Career Services, many students ask us how to follow up after meeting with a professional at a networking event or conducting an initial conversation (informational interview). And, let’s …

By Pauline Thaler (she/her)
Pauline Thaler (she/her) Career Advisor
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Alumni Stories

Meet Benny Johnston, ‘20

As a current junior at the Lundquist College of Business, I have heard many times that networking and outreach are some of the most important steps to success in the business world. Recently, I interviewed UO …

By Gabe
Gabe Career Peer Educator
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Career Resources

If you are a UO business student, please review the information below. If you are not a business student, please …

Although you will develop many skills inside the classroom, getting involved and gaining experience will allow you to test them …

Find Alumni

Connect with alumni in your industry via the Lundquist Connect community.

  • Portland, OR
  • Director, Corporate Partnerships and Programs NAIA - National Animal Interest Alliance
Meet Marilyn >
  • United States, MI
  • President and Chief Executive Officer ZI (Zorya, Inc.)
Meet Jennifer >
  • London, UK
  • Director, EMEA MTI - Mobile Technologies Inc.
Meet Adam >
  • Orlando, FL
  • Growth Consultant Bostic Consulting
Meet Nicholas >
  • Portland, OR
  • Relationship Manager, Affordable Housing Umpqua Bank
Meet Grace >
  • Eugene, OR
  • Partner & CMO Revolution Design Group
Meet Seth >
  • Portland, OR
  • CIO/CHRO Neil Kelly Company
Meet Bob >
  • Eugene, OR
  • Financial Advisor Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.
Meet Andrew (AJ) >

LinkedIn Learning

Python: Working with Predictive Analytics

Taught by Isil Berkun
Data can tell many stories: where it came from and where it’s going. Predictive analytics gives programmers a tool to…

Excel: PivotTable Tips

Taught by Chris Dutton
Go from beginner to power PivotTable user. Learn how to use Excel PivotTables and PivotCharts for powerful data analysis. Chris…

ZBrush: Product Prototyping Techniques

Taught by Pablo Muñoz
By taking advantage of the powerful features of ZBrush, combined with the techniques presented in the course, prototype makers and…

Cinema 4D Weekly

Taught by EJ Hassenfratz
Looking to add 3D to your professional skill set? In this weekly series, join EJ Hassenfratz as he shares tips,…

A Guide to Setting Boundaries in the Modern Workplace

Taught by Hannah Wachter
It’s remarkable how quickly you can become overworked and unsatisfied in your job. The pivotal piece that’s missing? Healthy boundaries.…

Test Driven Development with ABAP

Taught by Michael Management
Traditionally, programs rot as they grow, becoming more difficult to change without breaking something as they get more complex. In…

OKRs to Drive Alignment, Autonomy, and Accountability in a Hybrid Workplace

Taught by Jessie Withers
Are you getting the most out of objectives and key results (OKRs)? Or are your goals falling by the wayside?…

Becoming the Manager that Your Team Wants

Taught by Pete Mockaitis | How to Be Awesome at Your Job
In this audio-only course from Pete Mockaitis, learn from author and operational management expert Russ Laraway how being a great…

Agile User Experience Design and Research

Taught by Eric Nordquist
In this course, learn how UX design and research can fit smoothly into agile workflows and frameworks. Instructor Eric Nordquist…

SQL Essential Training

Taught by Walter Shields
The ubiquity of big data means that now, more than ever, there is a burning need to warehouse, access, and…

Digital Marketing Analytics Nano Tips with Sam Dey

Taught by Sam Dey
Welcome to our Nano Tips series, where LinkedIn Learning creators deliver impactful lessons in literally seconds. In this installment, discover…

Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM) Cert Prep: 1 Privacy Program Development

Taught by Mike Chapple
Are you preparing to get certified as a professional information privacy manager? This course, part of a seven-course cert prep…

Getting Started with SQL Server Ledger

Taught by Adam Wilbert
SQL Server is one of the world’s most popular database administration tools, and it just got even better. Meet Ledger,…

Data Analysis: Investigate with SQL

Taught by Walter Shields
Are you looking to enhance your skills in data analysis and become a valuable asset in today’s data-driven business world?…

C++ Design Patterns: Structural

Taught by Károly Nyisztor
Design patterns allow you to solve common software development problems in a reusable way, making your code more robust and…

Supply Chain Foundations: Project Management

Taught by Daniel Stanton
Supply chains are complex systems, and in order to make improvements, you need to understand how to manage projects effectively.…

Managing OKRs with Microsoft Viva Goals

Taught by Nick Brazzi
With a significant increase in hybrid and full-time remote roles, organizations need new ways to keep employees connected, supported, and…

Apache Kafka Essential Training: Getting Started

Taught by Kumaran Ponnambalam
One of the key components of a big data processing pipeline is a scalable and distributed message queue. Message queues…

Virtual Team Building Activities to Cultivate Culture Remotely

Taught by Madecraft
With the increasing shift to remote and hybrid work environments, organizations must adapt and find novel ways to build a…

Positive Psychology for Less Stress and Happier Workdays

Taught by Andrea Bonior
Are you trying to minimize stress and create a more purposeful, happy career? In this course, instructor Andrea Bonior gives…

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