Career Curiosity Encouraged at Meet the Firms and BizCareers Events

Alumni connections, an industry speaker panel presentation, and targeted networking opportunities gave Lundquist students the chance to level up their career development over the past few weeks!

Meet the Firms drew nearly 160 students on October 5th, with more than 30 students participating in the pre-event networking workshop. Students talked with UO alumni who are now working in accounting firms and met with recruiters from across the region. Recruiters gave the event high marks, pleased that they had the opportunity to interact with so many qualified, prepared students. One representative stated,

“This was far and away the best Meet the Firms event I have been to since starting with [my firm].”

Students enjoyed engaging with professionals, learning about different firms, and having the opportunity to practice their networking skills.  

On October 11th, the BizCareers in Finance, Banking, and Real Estate industry panel audience exceeded expectations, reaching standing-room-only capacity in the overflow room as students gathered to hear insights from alumni and industry leaders. The panelists were open, genuine, and highly encouraging as they urged students to be curious, ask questions, and feel confident despite the insecurity that is often part of a student’s journey through early career experiences. The panel was followed by a lively networking session in the Lillis Atrium, with good food, great conversation, and lines at nearly every table. Students appreciated hearing the unique journeys of the professionals and were inspired by the message that initiative counts. Even when an individual networking opportunity doesn’t lead to an immediate job offer, taking the initiative and showing up can make a student stand out.

One student summed up the opportunity this way,

“It was the opening of doors that I wasn’t aware existed…”

Our next big industry event will be the BizCareers in Outdoor, Apparel, and Sustainability coming up on November 9th from 5:30-8:00pm, featuring top brands like Nike, Columbia, adidas, and more. Remember, taking the initiative to show up counts. Don’t miss it!

Need help preparing for a networking event? Check out our resources on this website, or schedule an appointment with a Mohr Career Services advisor. You’ve got this!

By Pauline Thaler (she/her)
Pauline Thaler (she/her) Career Advisor