Who are Award Winning Employers for College Grads? Hack Handshake, follow winners & learn more!

The Handshake Early Talent Award winners are announced! The winners are considered some of the best places to launch your career. The winners are divided by industry so you can scroll down and scan to see which interest and align with your interests and goals. You can the inside scoop by following these top companies on Handshake to increase chances of getting noticed and improve algorithm of job recommendations.

Handshake, like Instagram or TikTok, has a relevancy algorithm that can go to work for you! If you like and interact with these award winning companies (or niches or regional companies you love) and their profiles, Handshake will send your relevant alerts and information.

By clicking on each winner’s Handshake profile and hitting the “favorite” or “follow” button, you can get notified when they post a job, attend an event at your school, and more.

Following employers you like will help you receive a message or virtual event invitations, showing mutual interest in their organization. Can’t decide which companies feel like a fit? Feel overwhelmed? book a visit with an advisor to talk about industries, roles, companies, and Handshake hacks!

Check out the full list of winners and start getting noticed and connected, today read the full article here

By Sara Mason
Sara Mason Assistant Director, Industry and Alumni Engagement