Interviewing – Practice Makes Progress

I work with a lot of students who spend hours and hours on their job application materials (resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, etc.) all with the goal of landing an interview. Then they land an interview and panic because they haven’t prepared!

Whether you’ve never interviewed for a job before or have landed every job you’ve interviewed for, intentional practice can only help you do better in your next interview.

Here is how Mohr Career Services can help you practice with intention, before you panic:

  • Decide how you want to position yourself and how you want to tell your story. See our Interview Prep Worksheet for a helpful framework.
  • Practice answering “Tell me about yourself” using VMock Elevator Pitch. The system will give you immediate AI-assisted feedback on how you’re presenting yourself.
  • Prepare for the unexpected! Practice answering random questions using Big Interview‘s Interview Roulette. Not only can you practice answering questions when you don’t know what’s coming next, the system will give you immediate AI-assisted feedback which can help you navigate employers’ AI-assisted interview processes.
  • Schedule a mock interview with one of our career advisors. Artificial intelligence has its limits. Luckily, you have a whole team of humans who are eager to help you prepare to shine in the interview process!
By Jessica Best (she/her)
Jessica Best (she/her) Director, Career Strategy